Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Robbie Basho tribute record 'We are all one, In the Sun'

Today is the release date of the Robbie Basho tribute 'We are all one, In the Sun' that Buck has curated and produced, and is out on the incredibly fine imprint Important Records. The tribute features Steffen Basho Junghans, Meg Baird, Arborea, Glenn Jones, Fern Knight, Helena Espvall, Cian Nugent, and Rahim Alhaj...with additional digital tracks by Yair Yona, Joseba Irazoki and Cam Deaz. The gorgeous Cover Art is by Shanti Curran
For more info go here -
Important Records Basho Tribute

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  1. Wow, finally had a moment to read up on this and will most definitely be ordering it. Fantastic job on the cover, too, Shanti. Can't believe the way you captured that leaf in mid-air floating...in a sparkle of sunlight. Wonderful tribute you put together, Buck. Can't wait to hear it!