Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Guest Mix from Arborea on Folk Radio UK

We did a 'Guest Mix' for one of our very favorite music sites
Folk Radio UK
The mix includes music that kept us company on long road trips while touring across the US this past Autumn. Some of the
songs also helped us get through a long cold January. Some highlights include songs from
Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter from their latest 'Marble Son' ...as well as songs by Chris Whitley, Gillian Welch, Tim Buckley, and Meg Baird.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Afternoon in February

We were rehearsing today and the light coming through the window was amazing...
Photos by Buck Curran 26 February 2012
p.s. Shanti is playing her new OME 'North Star' Banjo

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Arborea, Sean Smith, Curious Mystery, Mirel Wagner and SXSW and 'The Year of Avant Folk'

Arborea' 'Seadrift'

Shana Cleveland 'And, In The Night, Home'

Mirel Wagner's 'Dream'

Sean Smith 'Live at La Pena'

Curious Mystery (featuring Shana Cleveland) 'Black Sand'

The 2012 SXSW will feature several Psych Folk/Avant Folk acts. Aside from catching Arborea's showcase on Friday
at Bethell Hall which will feature an arsenal of banjo, banjo-dulcimer, ukulele, harmonium, acoustic and electric guitars...three other recommended acts are Sean Smith, Curious Mystery and Mirel Wagner. Sean Smith, Shana Cleveland of Curious Mystery, and Mirel Wagner are schooled in a Haunting 'American Primitive'/Minimilist Folk Blues style of acoustic guitar playing.
Sean Smith's latest album on the Strange Attractors label 'Huge Fluid Freedom', is a synthesis of acoustic and heavier electric 'Prog' guitar styles.

SXSW Official Showcases
Arborea @ Bethell Hall in St David's, Friday, March 16th, 10pm
Curious Mystery @ The Bat Bar, Thursday, March 15th, 10pm
Mirel Wagner @ Red 7, Thursday, March 15th, 7:30pm
Sean Smith @ Headhunters Patio, Tuesday, March 13th, 11pm

Arborea signs with Windish Agency Music Licensing

Arborea is happy to announce we are now working with
Windish Music Licensing

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

SXSW and March - April Tour Dates

3 Rockwood Music Hall (3pm afternoon series)/NYC
4 Jammin java/Vienna, VA (DC Area)
8 Blue Tomato Cafe/Watertown, TN
9 House Concert(with Jeff Zentner)/Nashville, TN
11 Standpipe Coffee House/Lufkin, TX
13-18 SXSW/Austin, TX
15 Waterloo Ice House (38th & Lamar)5-6pm/Austin, TX
16 Bethell Hall @ St David's (SXSW)/Austin, TX
29 WorkandWorry Presents/Pittsburgh, PA
30 Hitt House Concert/Fairview, PA
31 State College/PA
5 Spotty Dog Books & Ale/Hudson, NY
6 Montague Bookmill (w/200 Years-Ben Chasny) & Kath Bloom)/Montague, MA
7 The Landing-University of Maine/Farmington, ME
11 Knitting Factory (w/Bejamin Francis Leftwhich)/Brooklyn, NY
13 Tea Bazaar (w/200 Years - Ben Chasny)/Charlottesville, VA
18 Fairgrounds Coffee House in Ghent (w/Christian Garthright, Skye Zentz, Jake Hull)/Norfolk, VA
22 Studio 34/Philadelphia, PA
25 Speakeasy Under Local 121/Providence, RI
27 Guthries (w/Curious Mystery)/Lewiston, ME
28 Free Range Festival/Belfast, ME

Sunday, February 19, 2012

by the Light of Stars


Photos/Art by
Shanti Curran
January 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yair Yona - World Behind Curtains

Today is the release of Israeli guitarist Yair Yona's new album 'World Behind Curtains' on Strange Attractors Audio House. On this new album Yair's musical vision has moved well past the American Primitive Guitar style of guitarists John Fahey, Jack Rose, and Glenn Jones who influenced his musical path and dominated the feel of his previous album 'Remember'. Tracks like 'Kottke and the Orchids' and 'Mad About You' are perfect examples of Yair's new musical vision. On Mad About You Yair (using a combination of acoustic guitar, strings and winds) creates a gorgeous musical landscape that is
utterly Breathtaking and Unique!