Tuesday, September 12, 2023

1930 National Triolian 'Walnut Finish' Resonator Guitar For Sale

For Sale: 12 Fret to the body, round neck model National Triolian in Walnut Finish made in 1930. It features a steel body with a single round cone, F holes with straight cut edges, bound finger board and neck made of maple (they stained the fretboards back then to look like ebony). The maple used for the neck has a little bit of tiger striping. This guitar has an incredible sound: haunting and resonant...huge warm tones, and it's fairly light in weight. Great for slide or finger style. The maple neck has a bow in it, but plays perfectly for my style. If someone does more chordal fretboard playing you will probably want to consider a neck reset or correcting the bow (easily done by a competent repairman). 6th String is just under 6/32nds of an inch (from top of the 12 fret to bottom of the string), 4.5/32nds at 7th fret, and 4/32nds at 5th fret . All Original, Frets in Good Shape (some minor wear on first 5 frets). Comes with a Light Flight Case. DM for price!

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