Sunday, August 12, 2012

Arborea's Summer Tour 2012 (Dates with Mariee Sioux)

(29) Lompoc Cafe/Bar Harbor, ME
(27) Trinity Episcopal Church (w/Christopher Paul Stelling)/Lewiston, ME
(4) Fete Music Series/Providence, RI
(16) Dream Away Lodge/Becket, MA
(18-19) Philadelphia Folk Festival/78 Project
(24) Uncle Slayton's (w/Mariee Sioux)/Louisville, KY
(30) The Basement (w/Jeff Zentner, William Tyler + Mariee Sioux)/Nashville, TN
(31) Lulu's Coffeehouse (w/Mariee Sioux)/Watertown, TN
(1) Jack of the Wood (w/Mariee Sioux)/Asheville, NC
(4) Motorco Garage Bar (w/Mariee Sioux)/Durham, NC
(5) Nightlight (w/Mariee Sioux)/Chapel Hill, NC
(18) Sycamore Bar & Flowershop/Brooklyn, NY
(21) Frontier Cafe/Brunswick, ME
(22) Lompoc Cafe/Bar Harbor, ME

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