Sunday, April 1, 2012

Arborea @ Bethell Hall SXSW 2012

Arborea performing at Bethell Hall @ St David's Church for SXSW 2012, March 16th. Our dear friend Travis Gallagher played our harmonium during the performance of our song 'Forewarned'. We got to meet David Fricke if Rolling Stone Magazine, who came out to see our performance. Arborea also received a nice mention in Jon Pareles NY Times article about SXSW 'A Fan Base Without Borders'
Thanks Jon!


  1. My name is Travis Johnson. I'm not a freak (not the scary kind, anyway), but please read this and listen to my appeal.

    One of your hugest fans in the world, Lee Jackson, died this week. I don't know if you know Lee, but he knew you, and he was a huge supporter of yours on the internet and in "real life" as they call it. He was a widely respected (as in international) music journalist and lover of life and art, and he greatly admired your band.

    Lee's father passed away four months ago. I sat in his room with him listening to your record, which I believe he bought on bandcamp. Later, he would begift me the mesmerizingly beautiful "Red Planet". He told he, as he endured the passing of his father, that it was the only music that seemed to soothe him.

    Lee himself has now left us, suddenly, shockingly, and devastatingly. I, along with a a group of Lee's peers, are assembling for him a tribute/charity album in his honor, and with proceeds going to ALS research (that's Lou Gehrig's disease to most of us)--the disease that took Lee from us.

    I beg that you hear my appeal with your hearts. We have a HUGE international lists of artists already committed to the tribute. Technical specs, all of that is available (I just need your email). My role in this is finding and contacted some of the artists who might not know how important their place in this project is. Arborea, without meaning to place undue burden on you..this includes you. I am reaching out to you not through social networking, as many have been reached...but passionately and personally.

    Would you be so kind and loving to consider offering a track to the tribute album, Lee Jackson in Outer Space. I have all the details you need if you would be so kind.

    I was Lee's best friend, and I'm willing to speak for him when I say how much your involvement would touch him.

    Please do contact me either way...and also, thank you for your wonderful music, nevertheless.

    Travis Johnson

  2. Hi Travis, This is extremely devastating and sad news! Thank You for writing this letter. We actually just exchanged messages with Lee about possibly playing through the Dallas area on our way to SXSW.
    Lee... your friendship was truly cherished and you will be dearly missed!
    ~Buck and Shanti